Drop Stop

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 19

Drop Stop got an investment from Lori Greiner

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Drop Stop

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3 Reasons to Love Drop Stop

1. Drop Stop prevents you dropping anything under your seat while you drive.

2. Many car accidents can be prevented when the driver isn't reaching around under their seat.

3. No more old french fries sitting for months under your drivers seat! Yay!

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Our Take

Here's the thing about sales: you gotta paint a picture with your words.

So how's this for a picture - The Carmuda Triangle. I love it.

Here's the other thing about sales: you gotta know your audience.

The Sharks don't DRIVE themselves - they have drivers! They also don't eat drive-thru french fries, unlike every other person in America. So I don't think the Sharks know what they're missing here. Such a simple idea - not to mention a potentially life-saving accessory at a very reasonable price.

Luckily for these entrepreneurs, Lori knows what reg'lar folks are like, and she invites them to envision themselves sailing around Nantucket on a sailboat, a million dollars cooling in their bank accounts. The boys say yes and the deal is struck.

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The Entrepreneurs Behind Drop Stop

Courtesy of ABC

Marc Newburger & Jeffrey Simon

Drop Stop Got an Investment From:

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