Ryan's Barkery

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 24

Ryan's Barkery got an investment from Barbara Corcoran

Ryan's Barkery

Courtesy of ryansbarkery.com

3 Reasons to Love Ryan's Barkery

1. All-natural dog treats.

2. No preservatives.

3. Hand-made in the USA.

Our Take

I'm sure these dog treats are delicious (to dogs at least), but why oh why would you try to get into the pet food space? At this point, even the all-natural dog-treat niche is over-saturated. Ay yi yi. 

I just got a dog myself, and the choices for treats are overwhelming, so I can't understand why, as an eleven-year-old, you would think you'd be able to break into that market. But a kid can dream, I guess.

Mark talked about selling trash bags door-to-door when he was eleven, a pretty difficult market to break into, and he's doing alright, so maybe Ryan will one day too.

For most of the Sharks, Ryan was too young to be wheeling and dealing for that kind of money ($25,000), but Barbara took the bait and gave him full value with her offer. Bless her heart.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Ryan's Barkery

Courtesy of ryansbarkery.com

Ryan & Daniela Kelly

Ryan's Barkery Got an Investment From:

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