Shell Bobbers

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 22

Shell Bobbers got an investment from Mark Cuban

Shell Bobbers

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1 Reasons to Love Shell Bobbers

1. Combines hunting and fishing by using a shotgun shell as a fishing bobber.

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Our Take

To be honest, I don't "get" this product. I feel like even if I wasn't  a card-carrying member of the coastal-elite, this product would baffle me. 

Sure I get that you're combining two HUGE industries. Sort of. But it's not like people who ONLY hunt are gonna see these and suddenly say: "Oh, I gotta start fishing too so I can use shotgun shells as my bobbers!"

I'm glad they got a deal and enjoyed their segment, but in hindsight I'm struggling to see why there was any bidding on this product at all.

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The Entrepreneurs Behind Shell Bobbers

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Jeff Stafford & Dusty Holloway

Shell Bobbers Got an Investment From:

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